I’m a mom to three wonderful crazy boys, and yes this includes my 36-year-old husband! I have been a Hairstylist in Arlington, TX for my whole adult life and love everyday of it.  Honestly it’s hard to call it work, that’s how much I enjoy it!  My husband Chance would say that I’m a self-proclaimed fashionista (probably because he’s jealous).  Over these years working with women I have learned a lot, somethings I could have gone my lifetime without knowing.  One thing that I’m constantly reminded of is that we as women have the same struggles no matter age!  That all women desire to feel beautiful whether that’s getting their grey roots touched up or a simple pedicure!  Hell sometimes a warm chocolate chip cookie can do the trick!  My desire with this blog is to guide women of any age to feel/look beautiful from head to toe!


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