Beach waves how-to

If you would have asked me 6 years ago I would have told you that curling wands are a big no-no…  Now flash forward to the more liberal me of 2018..  Is that amount of heat good for your hair on a daily basis?  Well no.. Keep in mind that once the strands of hair leave your scalp they are actually dead.  Weird right?!  Because of this once you damage it there’s no turning back.  So proceed with caution!

When using the wand on my hair I always have some type of product in it.  Today my “drug” product of choice was this.  Of course before I get started with the wand I completely dry my hair.  You can find a step by step on exactly how I do that here.  Once my hair is completely dry, I section it off..  Taking about 1-1 1/2  inch sections to curl at a time.  Today I had my wand set at 375 let’s be honest it was really set at 400 degrees ;-).  Some may think that’s a little too hot, maybe it is, but it works for my hair..  We all have very different hair so you will have to be the judge on what works for your hair.  If your hair is smoking you have the wand too hot!  Burnt hair isn’t cute on anyone, so turn the darn thing down!!


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