The right way to a successful DIY Bang Trim

There are not many things in life that beat the annoyance of hair in your eyes!  With all the tutorials on YouTube of the wrong ways (my opinion) to cut your bangs I wanted to enlighten you, my friends on what I believe to be the right way to do so!!  Don’t judge the production of this video!!  The budget was very tight on this one! 🙂

You will need just a couple of things to successfully cut your bangs at home

  1.  Scissors (Shears is the proper term, let’s be honest I’m not always proper)
  2.  Comb
  3.  Sober mind (It’s more important than you may think) 😉 




I start by pulling back the hair that doesn’t belong in with my bangs, being careful not to add to your bangs.  Growing out extra bangs can be a pain, trust me!  I find that when cutting my own bangs having them dry is just safer. You know exactly where they will be laying, so no worries about shrinking up!

The best trick for me when cutting bangs (this is also the way I cut them in the salon) is to rest my scissors on the bridge of the nose.  Doing this keeps my hand stable and I’m able to cut a straight line.  I always come in from the right and left side of my face, resting my scissors on the bridge of the nose as I cut.

Once I have a length that I like, I then pull all the bangs up and cut the excess off.  While I have my bangs up I then cut about 4 notches about a half inch from the ends (right under my fingers).  That’s it my friends!!!  After I have cut the notches if I have done everything right I should have a nice looking fringe when I lay them down.

If you’re new to trimming your own bangs my advice would be to start out slow!  It’s easier to trim more hair than to glue it back on!  🙂


4 thoughts on “The right way to a successful DIY Bang Trim

  1. Perfect step by step instructions… works every time … thanks Nicole … don’t know what I’d do without you !!!!

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