I have tried multiple methods for cleaning my grout throughout the years of being a home owner.   All of them being temporary fixes.  When I came across Young house love’s post on painting your grout I was so excited to give it a try.  It couldn’t be that hard right?!  I mean, I truly find painting to be an escape from life’s problems.  This however, ended up being a lot more tedious and boring than painting a wall!

I started by cleaning my floors a little, then got right to it!  First I tried using a Chance’s toothbrush to apply the Oyster Gray Polyblend Grout renew that I had found at Home Depot for only 12 dollars!  Ended up that using a small craft paint brush was a lot easier and not as messy.

The Polyblend grout renew is water based, so it’s not too hard to get off the tile if you get a little messy.  I found it was easier just to use my finger along the edge of tile to remove the excess paint.  When the floor is mopped the paint left on the tile comes off easily.  So no worries!

I actually started this project back in June.  Now three months later I have had to force myself to finish it!  I painted two coats of Polyblend around 415 tiles (yes, I just counted them)!!  It “only” took me about 24 hours to complete this.  Which was a lot longer than it took Young house love!  One of the benefits to taking month-long breaks between painting is I realized that the paint is on the grout to stay!

Update: I did however have a couple of spots that paint didn’t seem to stick to ( I’m going blame those mishaps on my half-ass prep cleaning of the floors ).  Since finishing the project I have at least a quarter of the bottle left, a perfect amount for touch-ups.

In the end there are not many projects I do that I quickly regret starting.  This my friends falls into the category of projects I will never repeat.  That being said I do enjoy the results of my hard work.  The grout renew really does give my rooms a bright and clean feeling!  However the next time my grout is looking dirty we will pack it up and buy a new house!  Just kidding, kinda!







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