Fourteen years ago


I was just a kid on September 20th 2003, (18 to be exact) a kid thinking the next right thing to do is to marry this guy standing before me.  Now fourteen years later and I think about all that we have been through and accomplished together.

Our two boys who look just like you or as I like to say a prettier version of you.  How much growing up we have done together even at times when it would have been easier to grow apart.  The years have been tough at times, some harder than others.

Someone said to me years ago that you want your husband to love you just a little more than you love him.  Chance, you love me when I’m just plain ugly.  When I’m fat and flabby you love me.  You even love me when I’m throwing up sick and can’t help with the boys who are also throwing up.  You’re truly the sweetest guy I know (that’s not to say you’re not a complete ass some days).

Let me stay focused though..

When Pinterest fails me, you will be the one to finish your plate and say, “Thanks babe, that was great!”.   You make me laugh daily, I think it must be one of your goals in life!  Over the years you have learned to let me be me if you want a happy wife.  You go along with my crazy DIY projects, sometimes you even offer to help.  Although I frustrate you with my need to be in constant change and grow my business you have come to support me.

Man how different are our lives today?  I love the amazing people we have grown up to be.  Our boys have the best parents ever (they will never admit it though and I’m ok with that)!  Do you know that studies show that first marriages for teen women 18 and under are more likely to end in divorce within the first 10 years?!  Add a teen pregnancy to that and the chances of divorce are even higher?!  Bam!!!  We are winners and we didn’t even know it!!!





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