Having a teenager now I can’t help but think of all the things I wish I would have listened to or been told (not that I would have heard any of it!) at his age. Yes, I realize that some of the things that a 13-year-old boy will experience will be completely different than a what a girl will go through at that age and vice versa.  I try to remember that at this age even the smallest thing was huge deal.  One minute you hated the world and the very next you couldn’t love it more!  I can’t go back and tell my 13-year-old self these things but some of them are things I try to beat into my child’s skull on the daily!  That’s a joke people….Calm down…..  Maybe, just maybe one of these things will get through to someone..






1. You’re perfect even in your awkwardness.  Who’s to say you’re not?  Other teenagers? 13-year-old girls are possibly more critical of you than anyone else will ever be.  Just remember to be you no matter what others may say.




2. Smile!  Do it while your skin is firm and there isn’t a chance of laugh lines and crow’s-feet!




3. You’re not fat and your nose is perfect for your face!  One day you will wish you were as skinny as when you thought you were fat..  You are beautiful, don’t ever forget it!




4. You don’t have to be tough all the time!  Let those guards down a bit, it’s ok to lean on others.





5. BOYS ARE DUMB!!  By all means don’t go chasing after boys them!  The one you end up marrying will be the one that chases you! That man will love you more than you could ever love him back.





6. You’re just a kid HAVE FUN!  Before you know it you will have to work to pay all the grown up bills you have!  It’s not as amazing as it sounds, believe me!





7. Your parents are doing the best they know how, remember this is their first time being a parent to a teenager.  Take from it what you can even if it’s what not to do when you’re a parent..





8. Your friends today probably will not be your friends tomorrow!  You will be a very lucky girl to have just one be a lifetime friend…..





9. The days and years seem to go by at a tortoise’s pace some days that’s awesome and others it will absolutely suck!  Just remember these days are just a blip on the radar in the grand scheme of life! 





10. It’s ok to laugh and even better to laugh at yourself!  Even after you trip and slide 20 feet down a school hallway all the while your “friends” stand there peeing themselves from laughing so hard at your expense.  It’s ok girls, I got this!





11. Tupac Shakur’s music will annoy the hell out of your parents, listen to it anyways!  It is just a phase!  One day you will have a teenager who will bless you with new rap music and you will understand why your dad felt that way.





12. Your sister may be an annoying phone hog right now, but one day she will be your very best friend!  Your husband will question why the hell you two talk every day about absolutely nothing..





13. Having or getting your period and shaving your legs can wait!  That shit is here to stay once you start..  So lets not rush it!!







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