MY best blow-out Part 2

Alright ladies here it is!  I have always had the feeling that people think it’s easier for me to do my hair than it is for them, because it’s my job.  Well let me tell you it’s not!  My arms go numb too!  You are not alone in your pain!  So here’s a video of how I do my hair daily.

A lot of times we walk around the house, do our make-up or just other random things and leave our hair to be done last-minute (because this is a public blog I’m fully dressed!).  That’s a no-no ladies.  I always start with my hair really wet, that way it hasn’t had a chance to dry from the heat of my scalp and become flat.  I usually spend 5-10 minutes styling my hair on a good day.

  1. Starting with the product of my choice (Living Proof 5-1) I run it thru the pony tail section of my hair.  You have to be careful not to get heavy/greasy products at the roots, this can cause it to be flat and dirty sooner than you have hoped.
  2. I ALWAYS brush my hair back and forth over my scalp with my paddle brush, this really helps to get my hair lifted up off my scalp.  It also keeps me from having a defined part. (which can make our hair “look” flat).     LINK
  3. The other thing I try to do is keep my blow dryer over the section of hair i’m drying.  (Which is why my arm goes numb)…  When we blow “at” our hair it just creates frizz.  No one wants frizzy hair!!!       LINK
  4. Once my hair is almost dry, I then round brush the front and top of my hair (everything else should lay nice if I have done the initial blow-out correctly).   I usually leave the heat on each section for about 5 seconds then let it cool for 5 seconds before taking the hair off of my round brush.    LINK
  5. To finish up I use the cool setting on my dryer to make sure my hair is completely dry.  If you have even a little wave in your hair, leaving it damp will only cause it to wave up or get frizzy.  That my friends defeats all the hard work you have just done!

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