My best blowout

Alright lades I’m going to share with you the daily “Must Haves” for my blowout.  But first let me say that I can have all of these wonderful products and my hair still look like crap!  With that being said I feel the most common mistake we make with our hair is that we are in too big of a hurry to do it correctly!  When clients say to me, “I can’t get my hair as smooth and perfect as you do!”  My response is always, “Do you spend as much time on it as I just did?”  1000% of the time their answer is NO!  I get it!  Some days I’m that girl!  The list and links are below for some of my favorite products.blow out1.This Super Solano dryer is my favorite right now!  It’s super light, so I don’t have to worry about my arm getting worn out.     LINK

2.I have had my Spornette paddle brush for about 12 years now, needless to say it was well worth the money!       LINK

3.The Marilyn round brush has boar hair bristles, which is a must for my round brushes!   LINK

4.The Living Proof 5 in 1, I believe is a great product for most hair! A dime size amount on the ends of your hair is all you’ll need of this product.  Of course you can buy this one from yours truly, so no link necessary.

5.Just a pump of The Living Proof Satin Serum is all I need to smooth my ends down post drying.  I also have this one at the shop if you would like to try it.

6.Last but not least is the Kenra #9 hairspray.  I love this spray it holds my hair and the pump never clogs, which is a plus!!  It smells like fruit stripes bubble gum and since I also sell this at the shop I will give you link for the gum.  Just in case you would like to compare smells!   


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